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How to tell your story

Everyone loves a great story. People want to feel connected to a group, to belong. Stories give you a reason to communicate and relate; stories are stimulating and give you something to believe in; stories make you feel better, smarter, safer, or even loved.

Business storytelling is similar. It’s about creating alignment between your business and your prospects and customers.

The internet is the new TV. Statistics show that the average time-consuming media is closing in between these two faster than predicted. So it should be no surprise that what you put on the internet should matter. For this reason, I have tried to list a few tips and tricks when writing content for the web. 


  • Get first-hand experience of the topic
  • Who, why, what
  • Provide value
  • Simple, short and easily scannable
  • Image, video, etc
  • Keyword research


Getting first-hand experience of the topic

You need to know the product or anything that you are writing about from experience. If you don’t have the experience you need to test it, at least long enough to get what it’s about. Otherwise, the content you produce will not be genuine. Never underestimate the reader’s capability to understand what is real from fake. 

Who, why, what

You should know for whom you are writing the content. The target market should be specifically set for each content. Not all target market requires the same content while all content doesn’t target the same market.

Reason for writing the content should genuinely be real. You should not write content on any topic half heartedly. There’s too much of that on the internet already. 

The topic that you are writing about should be just as important as the content itself. Don’t just write about anything. Write about something that will help your reader in any part of their life.

Know your audience first

At first, determine who your readers are. Are you going to write for those visitors who are seeking complicated academic theoretical information? If your visitors are so then your blog will serve your purpose.  But if you want to attract the attention of potential customers or general visitors then you have to make sure that you use simple, informative and, above all, a content written in a friendly way.

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